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Daisho Show and Contest

Talent! We’re looking for talent! Anyone with any talent out there? If so, the Daisho Show needs you!

This year we’re looking to make the Daisho Show, Daisho Con’s premier variety show featuring the convention’s guests, yes that means you, even bigger than ever! We want to see as many people as possible up on that stage showing off their stuff. We want to see singing, we want theater, we want crazy awesome yo-yo tricks, and we’re hoping for the most creative and original acts possible this year.

Make us laugh, make us cry, do magic tricks, if you’ve got any talent, and I mean any talent, then please consider signing up to participate in the Daisho Show. Just imagine all the adoring fans you’ll muster just by performing at the Daisho Show. If you miss out on this opportunity, you’re guaranteed to regret it.