Cosplay Contest

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Cosplay Contest

One of Daisho Con’s most popular events returns again, with a vengeance!
Proud of that Cosplay? Ready to flaunt that period-accurate steam-punk gear? Daisho Con’s Cosplay Contest is one of the best times to show of your hard work and ham it up to the waiting audience. Not to mention, you’ll be in the running to win some great prizes.

Cosplay Contest Rules
1. Cosplay Registration:
On-site registration will be open from 4pm to 8pm on November 22nd and 11am to 4pm on November 23rd at the Help Desk, located near registration.

2. Prop/Costume Rules:
Costumes: Your costume must be appropriate for a public setting and must conform to any active regulations enforced by either Daisho Con Staff or Hotel Security. Please keep in-mind that the stage is raised as well, if your costume is ungainly or hard to walk in, we will have staff present to help you up and down the stairs. If this is still not enough, we will organize a different way for you to present your costume.

Props: Your prop must conform to any active regulations enforced by either Daisho Con Staff or Hotel Security.

3. Costume Categories:

  • Anime
  • Science Fiction
  • Video Games
  • Original Costumes

4. Entries : You will enter as an Individual Entry or Group Entry.

  • Individual Entries will be judges on their own merit.
  • Group Entries will be judged on the whole entry.

5.  The Competition: There are three separate categories for the Individual Entry

  1. Beginner – You will compete here if you are new to Cosplay Contests or have won few awards when competing.
  2. Advanced – You will compete here if you are experienced in Cosplay Contests and have won few to several awards when competing.
  3. Master – You will compete here if you are highly experienced in Cosplay Contests and have won few to several awards when competing. If you have ever won Best in Show, you have to compete here.

**Please Note**
For the Master Category, the Creativity Section will be judged at a heavier scale. It will be worth more points because it is assumed that you entered the Master Category with experience at hand, aware of what category you have entered, or you have won other awards and cannot compete in other categories.

Groups will compete and be judged in their own category.

  • Groups will be judged on the whole group entry.
  • The same scale used in Individual Entry category will be used to provide fair judging.

Performances can be 3 – 5 minutes long. If you have a longer performance, please contact the Cosplay Staff so we can handle it on a case-by-case basis.

  • The performance must be appropriate for a public setting, please no over-use of “curse” words or profanity, there will be children present for this contest.

6. Judging:
You will be judged on the following Craftsmanship Categories:

  • Difficulty – The scope of the project at hand.
  • Creativity – Originality of the idea, execution, and materials used.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy to the actually character your costume is based on.

**Please Note**
Remember to bring a reference pictures for your Cosplay. Printed Pictures, Phones, Laptops, anything in which the judges can use to judge the accuracy of your costume. Keep in mind that it will be hard for the judges to judge accuracy if they don’t have anything to judge it against.

You will be judged on the following Performance Categories:

  • Stage Presence – Comfort level on stage, delivery of lines.
  • Originality – How original your performance is.
  • Crowd Reaction – How much did the audience like your performance?

7. The Contest

  • If you have music or an audio file you will be using for your performance, we will have a member of staff present to cut it down to size. Please Note: Only .mp3 formats can be used in our contest, they must be easy to use and readily available when you show up for Craftsmanship Judging. What this means is that you must have your music or performance on a thumb-drive or on a CD so that we can access it using our computers.
  • Do not bring iPods or iPhones because we cannot pull music off either of these devices without special software or equipment.
    Remember: .mp3 only.
  • Our tech staff reserves the right to edit or cut portions of your presented audio with or without your notice. Please clearly define start and stop times on all music files. If you are unable to edit them yourself, you must provide a clearly typed document with the editing times and bring it with you to your judging time. Handwritten notes will not be accepted. If you are unable to provide a note, play will begin from the beginning of the first available track or file presented. Our tech staff will provide basic cutting only! Advanced editing must be done on your own time as there will not be time during judging.
  • If you are or were a member of Daisho Con Staff for the 2012 Conference Year, you cannot enter the contest. If you have made costumes for other people who might be competing, they can enter the contest, but they cannot win any awards.
  • The Judges reserve the right to bump you up or down a Craftsmanship level if they feel you would do better in a different category.
  • Registration for judging stops at4pm.Judging stops at5:30pm, no exceptions.
  • You must be in the staging area for the contest at5:45pm. The handlers will guide you to where you need to be and when you need to be there. We would like to make this as seamless as possible.
  • There will be an open area to the left of the stage where you can sit after you have posed for pictures on stage. Please exit the stage and enjoy the rest of the show.