Master the Art of the Geek

Daisho Con events aim to inform, entertain and amaze congoers with panels and activities that range from exciting and comical to informational and insightful. More information about our events will be posted as we get closer to Daisho Con 2014!

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Art Room

Come on in to tables full of art supplies for plenty of artistic activities. Pencils, markers, crayons, stacks of paper, anything that is not messy and can not cause massive property damage we have! The same old good stuff from last year is back, with more added on! Didn’t get an artist alley booth this […]

Dances & Raves

Daisho Con’s Dances bring you the best electronic music and mixes by the best DJs!


Daisho Con hosts panelists that will expand your knowledge about topics that you are interested in, including ones you didn’t even know existed! Be a part of our community!

Tabletop Gaming

Daisho Con’s tabletop gaming room features Gnome Games, an area leader in vending all sorts of tabletop goodies!

Video Gaming Room

Join us in the video game room for retro and new gaming on systems like the Atari, Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox.

Daisho Show

Step up onto the stage and show us what you’ve got whether you are funny, witty, or crazy!

Cosplay Contest

Daisho Con’s Cosplay Contest is one of the best times to show of your hard costuming work!

Action Room

Enter our Action Room and fight in our Belegarth-style war-zone!

Anime Music Video Contest

The AMV contest is where one can show off their crazy AMV-making skills. AMV contest winners will be announced at the Con.

Viewing Rooms

While viewing rooms have always been a staple of anime conventions, Daisho Con makes them a unique experience!