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Daisho Con 2014 Registration is Open!

Daisho Con 2014 Registration is Open! Are you ready for another year of Daisho Con? Well you can now get your badge! Learn More!

Meet Our Cosplay Contest Judges!

Meet Our Judges! It’s almost time for the convention! Want to meet our cosplay judges? Click to check them out! Learn More!

Come Stay at the Kalahari With Us!

Still thinking about staying at the Kalahari? Better hurry! Time is running out and we don’t want you to miss out! Click for more info. Learn More!

Share Daisho Con with Your Friends!

  Share Daisho Con with Your Friends! So you’ve pre-registered (or are waiting to come to the convention and register at the door- that’s cool, too). Now help us grow even bigger and better by sharing Daisho Con with your friends! Learn More!

Register as a Volunteer and Get a Free Badge!

It’s simple: If you offer to help Daisho Con with eight hours of work throughout the whole weekend, then you get to enjoy the rest of the conference for absolutely free! Supporting your favorite convention is a lot of fun!

Book Your Room at the Kalahari Now!

We have an important announcement regarding hotel rooms: After October 16th, the rooms in Daisho Con’s room block at the Kalahari Resort will be released for booking to the public. Space is already limited, so if you haven’t booked your room for Daisho Con yet it is important that you do so as soon as possible!

Are You A Master Video Editor? Enter the AMV Contest!

You, the Daisho Con attendee, can now strut your stuff amongst other creative giants, brandish your meticulous skill of setting music to the action, adventure, and drama of a variety of anime series, films, and other whatnot, all for fabulous prizes!

Get Out the Glowsticks and Get Ready to Dance!

For the first time ever Daisho Con will be hosting a themed rave on Friday night! Cosplay is encouraged!

Daisho Con: Natural Nerd Enhancement

Ordinary conventions got you down, not feeling like your normal self, tired of normality? Have you heard about Daisho Con?

Sonny Strait, John Swasey and More Come to Daisho Con 2012!

  More Guests, More Fun! We’re proud to welcome Sonny Strait, John Swasey, Tarol Hunt, and Scuttlebutt Ink to Daisho Con 2012! Meet Our Guests!

Add Your Panel to Daisho Con 2012!

  Add Your Panel to Daisho Con 2012! Bring your geekdom to our convention-goers! We’ve opened up panel registration! Every year we open up our events schedule for our community to get the chance to run informative and fun panels about their favorite geeky topics! Submit an event!

Artist/Vendor Updates!

  Artist/Vendor Updates Artist Alley is now closed, but we’ve just expanded space in our Vendor Room! Space goes quickly, so register now! Learn More!