Miniatures, Swing Dancing, and More!

13th November 2012


Come into the Daishotorium for two great new events!

On Friday night, join the UWSP campus group Any Swing Goes as they teach you how to move your feet before the electroswing brought to you by DJ Liquid86 and crew on Friday night!  Any Swing Goes provides lessons in ballroom dancing and will help you learn to jitterbug and swing your way to making new friends that like to dance!

Also, we welcome The Labrynth Games as they bring their miniatures and events to our convention on Saturday and Sunday!  We’ll be having Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Malifaux, and other featured games and tournaments! Stop in and take a look and everything that they have to offer, including lessons for both beginner and veteran alike!

Our miniatures room can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of experience! You can learn how the games work if you’ve never been involved, challenge other experts if you know your way around, or even just participate in paint-and-takes if you just want to get involved in the model painting. Plus, you get to keep the models that you paint!

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