Register as a Volunteer and Get a Free Badge!

19th October 2012

Daisho Con 2011 095

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we added a new link to our Registration family on the top menu bar: Volunteer registration!

It’s simple: If you offer to help Daisho Con with eight hours of work throughout the whole weekend, then you get to enjoy the rest of the conference for absolutely free!

There are lots of areas that you can help out in, from watching over the anime room to keeping the video game room going, and much, much more!  Make sure to register as a volunteer soon!  You’ll get to work with our friendly volunteer coordinators and staff, which means that you get to meet great new people and see how an awesome convention is run!

Of course, you can still get into the conference by paying normal registration!  However, our super-cheap preregistration won’t last forever… preregister now!

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