Book Your Room at the Kalahari Now!

13th October 2012


Hello Daisho Con attendees!  Have you registered your room at the Kalahari this year? If not call the Kalahari now or book online using our promo code!

We have an important announcement regarding hotel rooms: After October 16th, the rooms in Daisho Con’s room block at the Kalahari Resort will be released for booking to the public. Space is already limited, so if you haven’t booked your room for Daisho Con yet it is important that you do so as soon as possible!

Also, we’ve been getting reports of attendees that have reserved a hotel room outside the room block, or that have have been told that certain rooms are full. If you believe that you may have been placed outside of the room block incorrectly, please try to call the Kalahari to set everything straight!

Booking a room at the Kalahari Resort helps to support the convention that you love! It is important to fill as much space in the resort as possible so that we may continue to grow Daisho Con to bigger and better levels!

To learn more about the hotel and to book your room for 2012, visit our location page! Of course, mention that you are with Daisho Con to get the best deal on your hotel rate!

We can’t wait to see you all for Daisho Con’s best year yet!

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