Are You A Master Video Editor? Enter the AMV Contest!

10th October 2012

AMV Contest Update

The Daisho Con AMV Contest is a long standing tradition, going back as far as the beginning of time (or 2008, whichever makes more sense), in which congoers with tremendous creativity us their wit, verve, and a bit o’ nerve to cobble together and create great works of art.

And this year, in what according to certain Mayan standards is to be the last AMV Contest ever (don’t quote me on that), is shaping up to be the BEST AMV Contest ever!

And we can’t do it without you! We tried that once, it didn’t work out so well. But yes, you, the Daisho Con attendee, can now strut your stuff amongst other creative giants, brandish your meticulous skill of setting music to the action, adventure, and drama of a variety of anime series’, films, and other whatnot, all for fabulous prizes!

Yes, of course there’ll be prizes, or else what would be the point to anything? We’re not so much at liberty to discuss what those prizes will be yet, but you can bet that they’ll be well worth the effort, believe you me.

The rules for the Contest can be found in the AMV Contest thread on the Daisho Con forums, as well as the address with which to send your AMV’s to us, but for posterity’s sake, here’s the e-mail address:

The deadline for sending in AMV’s is November 9th, one week before Daisho Con. You’ve got a month left to go folks, and I know a lot of you like to do things at the last minute, so lets see one last big influx of entries! Good luck!

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